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Asian South East Electric Power J.S.C. kindly wishes you success in your field of business.

We provide the designing, power and energy systems to industrial plants, especially to transformer stations, electricity generators and M&E systems.

With professional staffs who had worked in Hanoi EVN and Bac Ninh EVN, we have successfully carried out many giant projects, including VSIP Bac Ninh, Vihajco and Lsis- Vina. >> More



1. Providing the designing, installation and construction of electricity lines and transformer station with a capacity of 35kV

2. Providing and assembling electricity generators, ATS converters, synchro cubicles.

3. Providing the designing, installation and construction of LV switchboard low voltage switchboard

4. Providing the designing, installation and construction of M&E systems: Supply power systems, lighting systems, lighting rods, fire warning and prevention systems, cameras, telephones, sound and SCADA.

5. Being petrol agents

6. Exporting and importing goods traded by the company (except for products banned by the State).

7. Assembling water and drainage systems, heaters and air conditioners.

8. Trading machinery, electric equipment and materials (electricity generators, electric engines, lines and other facilities).

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